Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SWTOR @ NY Comic Con 2011

Darth Malgus, a major character in The Old Republic era.

There has already been a ton of great coverage on NYCC on the web, so there's really no point in me repeating things that have been discussed very well elsewhere.  What I can do is share some pics and video that I took while there, mostly so that I have it all in one place for myself.  Also, I do have one small story to share (unfortunately a bad one):

With the vids below you would think I can share my experience of playing the warzones. Well unfortunately, despite waiting in line, I never actually got to play. You see, just as I sat down to play a warzone for the very first time...the server crashed.  

Server down!
Now I understand things like that happen (it in fact happened earlier that same day, Friday), but the response to this was what disappointed me. All of us who had patiently waited in line for quite a while and had just sat down to play for our first time were told we were not going to be able to play. We had to get up and leave the booth while they worked on fixing the server

This, too, would have been fine...except we were not given anything special (beyond posters and tshirts which everyone who played got) or given a pass of any kind to come back to the front of the line when the servers were back up. In other words, we just had to go to the very back of the line and start all over again through no fault of our own. I wasn't angry, just very disappointed. I didn't think it was the right way to handle it: the people who never got to play due to this should have been given passes of some kind to come back to the front and get into the next game due to this error.

In the long run, I know that soon enough I will be playing warzones constantly and this is small stuff. But with now four people I know personally who have played the game either in general testing or in a weekend beta, it's very frustrating that, with the one exception of playing the origin worlds at the NYC Meet & Greet, I just seem destined to never play this game until Early Access starts. But oh well.

Waiting in line to play SWTOR.

Screens were up outside the booth to watch the action while in line.

Coming soon: My experience watching John Williams, famous composer of the Star Wars film scores, perform with the New York Philharmonic!

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